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Andy Vukosav’s 1982 Cessna 182RG - Otherwise known as “Valerie”

Andrew Vukosav is an award winning commercial fashion photographer, he has been commissioned on works throughout Australia, Asia and the U.S creating imagery for clients such as Harpers Bazaar, Elle, Vogue, Singapore Airlines, Coca Cola and McDonalds to name a few. Andy’s adaptability can be credited for his lengthy career in an otherwise fickle industry, staying ever present and current with his loyal clientele. His trade aside however, what makes him tick? When he’s not shooting, he might be sailing his catamaran ‘Pearl’ around the bays of Victoria’s Western Port. Otherwise, you will more than likely find him with his third greatest love*, a Cessna 182 affectionately known as Valerie.

This affection leads Vukosav to his latest foray into the art world, a body of work entitled "Longitude Latitude Solitude”. With six group exhibitions already under his belt, this is his second solo exhibition, and one that holds great significance for him. It is a God’s eye study of the vast and diverse Australian landscape, photographed while piloting his light plane across the country - alone. His unique visual language has informed each photograph in this series, bringing the sensibility of one of Australia’s top fashion photographers to an entirely new audience. The images are a beautiful dance between the coordinates of a complex landscape, and a subjective experience for each individual viewer.

*His first love is his wife and producer Josie, with his blue staffys Frankie & Helen coming in at a close second.